Techart Universal Pricing Policy (UPP)

Effective Date: 2023-10-05

Techart is committed to maintaining a strong brand image, enabling investments in product and marketing, levelling the playing field between dealers and resellers, and ensuring that its products are sold at a fair and consistent price. To this end, Techart has implemented a Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP). This policy establishes the minimum price at which Techart products may be sold by dealers and resellers.

The UPP applies to all Techart products sold in the United States. The minimum price for each product is based on the current USD price lists provided by Techart.

Dealers and resellers who offer Techart products below the minimum price set by Techart may be subject to temporary or permanent suspension of Techart dealership or reseller status.


Dealers and resellers may not offer Techart products at a price below the retail prices in the current USD price lists published by Techart. Those prices are the minimum.

Dealers and resellers may not offer discounts or promotions below minimum on Techart products that are not authorized by Techart.

Bundling offers like “wheels with free tires” or extensive use of free shipping on large or heavy items are deemed a violation if the sum of the bundled products would violate the UPP.

Website features such as “click for price,” “see price in cart,” “add to cart for best price,” “10% off at checkout”, “call for $50 off”, automated pricing emails, pre-formatted email responses, and automatic price display for any items prior to checkout, and other similar features are considered to be violating the UPP if the resulting price is below the minimum.

Dealers and resellers may not sell Techart products through unauthorized channels, such as online marketplaces or auction sites like Amazon or Ebay.


The following example shows how the Techart UPP would work:

  1. Techart has a wheel in their USD price list for $1,000.
  2. This means that Techart UPP sets the minimum price for this product at $1,000.
  3. A Techart dealer offers and sells the wheel for $950.
  4. Techart discovers that the dealer is offering the wheels below the minimum price.
  5. Techart investigates the matter and decides to suspend the dealer's Techart dealership status for the wheels category for 30 days.


Techart may grant exceptions to this UPP on a case-by-case basis. Dealers and resellers who request an exception must submit a written request to Techart North America for approval.

Benefits of the UPP

The Techart UPP provides a number of benefits to both Techart and its dealers and resellers. For Techart, the UPP helps to:

  • Maintain a strong brand image
  • Ensure that products are sold at a fair and consistent price
  • Protect profits, and therefore allows investment in products, branding and marketing

For dealers and resellers, the UPP helps to:

  • Prevent price wars
  • Maintain healthy margins
  • Provide customers with a positive shopping experience

By complying with the Techart UPP, dealers and resellers can help to ensure their own success, and the success of Techart and its products.


Techart will monitor the prices at which its products are sold by dealers and resellers. If Techart discovers that a dealer or reseller is offering its products below the minimum price, Techart will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.


If you have any questions about this UPP, please contact Techart at info at

Additional Notes

Dealers and resellers are encouraged to advertise and sell Techart products at a price above the UPP.

Dealers and resellers may offer discounts or promotions on Techart products to their customers, as long as the discounts or promotions do not violate the UPP.

Dealers and resellers may sell Techart products through their own websites and social media channels.

Techart reserves the right to modify this UPP at any time without notice.