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TECHART Carbon Aero Hood for 9YA/B (E3.1)Cayenne until MY23

TECHART Carbon Aero Hood for 9YA/B (E3.1)Cayenne until MY23

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The TECHART carbon fiber hood for both the Cayenne SUV and the Coupe models, is a statement of individualism, featuring distinctive air intakes and integrates seamlessly with the Cayenne body styling. Discreet. But nonetheless, tembodies both elegance and sportiness, setting it apart from the standard models.

consisting of :
- aero hood
- 2 air shafts


Parts will come from Germany.

Parts will require painting before installation ,except for visible carbon fiber elements.

ETA: 8- 10 weeks

Do you want to see what your car will look like?

Here is the link to our3D Configurator.



All Cayenne 9YA/9YB (E3.1) models up to MY 23



Installation Instructions


Techart Part Number: 09Y121196009

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