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TECHART Noselift for 992 Carrera / Turbo LHD

TECHART Noselift for 992 Carrera / Turbo LHD

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Ramps, speed humps and curbs – the TECHART Noselift system makes such common obstacles a thing of the past. All 911 not equipped with a front axle lift system, this feature can be retrofitted with TECHART‘s Noselift front axle lift system. This provides additional every day use suitability through additional ground clearance at the push of a button: approx. 40 mm, operating at up to 60 km/h.


for 992 Carrera and Turbo

consisting of:
- 2x lift cylinder
- TECHART hydraulic unit
- switch with logo
- assembly kit
- assembly instructions

Ride height adjustment at the front axle: approx. 35 mm
(approx. 40 mm at the splitter)
Operation via illuminated button in the interior
Operation while driving below 60 km/h
Re-lowering operating at 60 km/


Parts will come from Germany

ETA: 6 - 9 weeks


Works with:

OE springs and sport springs

Techart Sport Springs

Techart Threaded Springs



992 Carrera all models

992 Turbo(S)


Does not fit the GT3 and GT3RS.


Installation Instructions


Techart Part Number:  092200800009


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