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TECHART Rear Lettering for E3.1 (9YA/B) Cayenne up to MY23

TECHART Rear Lettering for E3.1 (9YA/B) Cayenne up to MY23

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The  TECHART lettering for your Cayenne’s rear allows you to visibly set your individualized vehicle apart from the series models.

Every character of the three-dimensional letters is made of premium cast acrylic glass. The TECHART lettering is more than an indication that this not a regular Porsche - it is nothing less than a statement of the individual style of its owner.


Rear panel with "TECHART" lettering.


Parts will come from Germany.

Parts will require painting before installation.

ETA: 2-4  weeks

Do you want to see what your car will look like?

Here is the link to our 3D Configurator.

Fits: (SUV / Coupe)

E3.1 Cayenne all  models up to MY23

Installation Instructions

Techart Part Number: 09Y100710009

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