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Techart Rear Spoiler III ( Ducktail ) for 992 Coupé ( Carrera/ Turbo/ GT3 Touring )

Techart Rear Spoiler III ( Ducktail ) for 992 Coupé ( Carrera/ Turbo/ GT3 Touring )

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Lip Finish

The fixed TECHART Rear Spoiler III is available for all 911 Carrera and Turbo Coupe
models and the 911 GT3 Touring. It is made entirely of carbon fiber and
complements the TECHART aerodynamics and styling options for the 992
series Porsche 911.

The TECHART Rear Spoiler III consists of a paintable carbon fiber base
body and a carbon spoiler lip, which can be ordered paintable or in spotless
matt or high-gloss visible carbon fiber with a painted TECHART lettering.

Typical for the TECHART Rear Spoiler III: timeless, racing-inspired styling,
increased downforce and well-balanced aerodynamics at front and rear
axle in all speed ranges. Besides its fuss-free installation, the Rear Spoiler
III stands out with sophisticated design, improving the supply of cooling
air to the engine by its integrated air ducts. The design also includes
lightweight aluminum structures inside

consisting of:
- carbon fiber rear spoiler base body, paintable
- carbon fiber spoiler lip, optionally paintable or in visible carbon with painted TECHART lettering
- lightweight construction internal aluminum supports, black anodized
- air duct with optimized air intake opening
- air outlet with grille
- auxiliary brake light and model-specific brake light cover (3rd brake light integrated in Rear Spoiler III)
- electronic control unit and wiring harness
- visible stainless steel screws with black powder-coated screw heads
- installation instructions


Stock rearspoiler weight : 6,89 kg
Tehcart rearspoiler III (Ducktail): 4,50 kg
Weight-saving: 2,39 kg or 35%



992 Carrera Coupe models

992 Turbo(S) Coupe models

992 GT3 Touring models.


Does not fit:

992 Targa

992 GT3 with fixed rear spoiler.

992 Carrera Cabriolet 

992 Turbo (S) Cabriolet

992 Carrera with Porsche Aerokit (fixed rear spoiler)


Installation Instructions  (Carrera / GT3 Touring)

Installation Instructions (Turbo)


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